Pandora will become a rival for Spotify

Pandora's online radio wants to turn into a music service. The service would compete with such services as Apple Music and Spotify. It is unofficially known that the project is already very close to completion.

Pandora's Internet radio has so far acted in its own market niche, in which it managed quite well. However, the market is constantly changing and nowadays in the age of music services, it is difficult to stay only from Internet radio stations. The company plans to change its existing business profile and turn it into a music service like Spotify and Apple Music.

Sources report that Pandora is in advanced talks with music labels about licensing rights to streaming music. The project is already close to completion because, as the sources claim, the subscription plan has been completed, which is to be made up of three levels. The first level is supposed to be completely free and will probably be kept from commercials like Spotfiy. However, two more are to be paid, but at this stage it is not yet known what the differences will be between them.

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