Sweden forbids flying drones with cameras

The Swedish Supreme Court has just taken a decision that can completely kill the drones market in this country. New regulations forbid flying equipment equipped with a video camera. So the ban applies to virtually all models available in stores.

The popularity of drones has become a growing problem for lawmakers. These machines have cameras that can be used to compromise the privacy of citizens.

In the United States, the problem was addressed by introducing new regulations that required all drones to be registered, as well as prohibiting them from flying into proprietary airspace or private property. The Swedes, however, went much further and could completely ban the use of drones.

The Supreme Court has just issued a verdict banning the use of unmanned video cameras. However, the majority of the models currently manufactured are standard cameras. On the other hand, we can attach them to the rest, so the new rules may adversely affect the whole market of these devices. The reason for this decision is that drones with cameras can be recognized as video surveillance cameras, and the use of such a need permits.

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