The US allows Baidu auto testing

The United States has become the Baidu Chinese company, the latest experimental field for testing autonomous vehicle technology. The company has received approval from the US government for this purpose and will be checking its latest BMW 3 Series based design.

Baidu is a Chinese giant specializing in global network ventures, one of the world's largest search engines. Like its American counterparts, Google, Baidu does not focus solely on Internet ventures, but also works on autonomous vehicle technology.

But Baidu does not build a car from scratch, but does its BMW 3 Series project, which is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, video trackers, and PCs that analyze the environment and select the route.

The company has just received approval from the US government to test its technology in the United States, so soon the self-driving BMW will be able to see on the road there. For the time being, the company has yet to decide whether its new vehicle will have a normal steering wheel to take control of it in the event of an emergency, or as a model for the futuristic Google car, the passenger will only be able to admire the environment.

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